Cheap West End Tickets

Cheap West End Tickets

Your guide to finding the best theatre tickets at the cheapest price.

Going to the theatre these days can be a pretty expensive business. An evening out for 2 can cost well over £100, and that is before you have even thought about eating, or travel and accommodation if you are coming  to the West End from out of town. Well, the good news is that it doesn’t have to cost that much. Just follow the tips in our handy guide to Cheap West End Tickets.

1. Go Online

We live in a digital age. Online retailers are offering better deals than the high street and the theatre is no exception. With Internet ticket agencies you can expect to get discounts of 40-50% on a lot of West End plays and musicals. We’ve partnered up with London Theatre Direct who sell many tickets at more than 50% discount and some reduced by as much as 70%. Alternatively, have a look at this list of discount theatre ticket sites below.

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2. Cheap West End Tickets on Twitter & Facebook

Sign up to the Cheap West End Tickets Twitter or Facebook feed. We post regular theatre offers for you to take advantage of.

3. West End Ticket Booths

TKTS BoothYou can get good deals at the ticket booths around London. If you aren’t aware of these ticket booths just head to Leicester Square. There are several there, including the famous TKTS ticket hut on the south side of the square.  Click here for more info on TKTS.

When visiting ticket booths, make sure they are a member of STAR (the regulating body for the ticketing industry).  TKTS is the only ticket booth operated by the Society Of London Theatres so if you are not sure, use TKTS.

The deals you can get vary from booth to booth, but one of the benefits of using the TKTS is that they have electronic boards displaying the current price of tickets. Some of the others advertise their tickets on regular printed boards and may not have the advertised prices or tickets available by the time you come to buy.

4. Cheap West End Tickets for under 25s

The government used to run a scheme giving free tickets to those under 25. Unfortunately the scheme has now come to an end but many theatres still offer special discounts to young people. Contact individual theatres for more info.

5. Hotel and Show Discount - London Theatre Breaks

If you are from outside London and planning your theatre visit with an overnight stay, you should consider booking as part of a package with your hotel or train provider.  You can often get good deals on theatre tickets as well as good rates on hotels and trains when booked together.

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