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Day Seats - Cheap Theatre Tickets On The Day

Some theatres release a certain number of tickets on the day of the performance itself. These usually have to be bought in person at the box office, but are usually less than £25 and often include front row seats.

This was a trend started by the National Theatre, whereby a block of tickets are released for sale only on the day of the performance. More often than not these are front row seats, which you may be surprised to learn do not always sell well. Most theatres have day seats available, but they are not well advertised, so it is best to contact the theatre in question directly to find out their day seat policy. For a list of London theatre contact details click the link below.

Theatre Facts | London Theatres - Contact Details

Day Seats In A Nut Shell

Pros: Get a stalls ticket for around £25. A chance to get good seats for popular or sold out events.

Cons: Usually have to book in person at theatre. May have to queue from before 10am to guarantee tickets if show is very popular. Purchases may also be restricted to 1 or 2 tickets per person.

Book Of Mormon Ticket Lottery

A twist on the day seat is the ticket lottery. This system is popular on Broadway and The Book of Mormon is currently using the same system in the West End. Instead of day seats being sold on a first come first serve basis, anyone throughout the day can enter a ballot for a chance to win. 2 hours before the show starts the winners are announced, who can then buy their tickets for  £20.